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The 3rd Summer Seminar 2002 at MSU-A
Organized by Akita-JALT

Effective Learning and Teaching Strategies
"Everybody is Born to Learn!"

Jarrett D. Ragan Jr.
in person

Glenn Capelli
on video

with 11 eager learners
who participated in the seminar

More Information about the Seminar & my poem Click here

Go to the detailed Report
about what we learned in the seminar
with more pictures & stories

5 day Intensive Course
in which
you participate and enjoy

Improving your Communicative Skills
You will take part in
a lot of interesting discussions
on many issues among participants
improving your listening and speaking skills
learning how to express yourself
better, more clearly and more effectively

Exchanging your ideas on Teaching Strategies
You will have
a lot of time to exchange ideas
about teaching and learning English
throughout the course

You can make presentations on any topics you like
because the seminar is based on the important concept of
"Everybody is a Teacher"
"Autonomy in Learning is
a key of success in acquiring a language"
Self-motivated approaches are highly valued.

The seminar is facilitated by
Prof. Dave Ragan

(MSU-A faculty)

The professor is helping you at the seminar
But don't depend upon him totally all the time
Ask him to help you in a manner you benefit
Ask him to give you something you want
In other words, ask him to work for you

How many will attend the seminar?
About 10 participants will attend.

All mornings and afternoons of five days
(10:00AM - 5:00PM)

Monday, July 29 through Friday, August 2

(room number)
on the third floor of
Minnesota State University Akita

Class Time Table
morning session: 10:00AM -12:00AM
afternoon sessions: 13:20PM -14:50PM and 15:20PM -16:50PM

You don't have to participate in all activities
depending upon your schedule.

No strict rules to obey except for

Speak English
all the time throughout the seminar

How Much?
participation fee: 25,000 yen
special discount for students: 20,000 yen

Who can attend?
The seminar is open to anybody
who speaks English

How to sign up?
Come to MSU-A
(the room GH-300) at 10:00AM
on the morning of the 29 th of July (Monday),
pay the participation fee and register.

What to bring?
Please bring the following with you throughout the seminar.
1) a recording device (tape recorder, MD recorder, etc)
2) markers or highlighters or color pens
3) English dictionary
4) a notebook

Where to have lunch?
You can eat your "obento" in the classroom
Or you can eat at Cycling Terminal, Hotel Cripton
    the MSU-A cafeteria will not be open

MSU-A Library
will be open between 1:00PM and 5:00PM during the week

Let's have a great time
making this summer 2002
a good memory for all of us!


More Information about the Seminar Click here

Go to the detailed Report
about what we learned in the seminar
with more pictures & stories

(The following message I wrote to the participants on December 23, 2002)
Hello everybody,
Here is a little message I'd like to send you. Season's greeting and a happy new year you and your family.
One of the best moments I had this year was the time I spent with you at MSU-A this summer. I often think about many happy things that happened at the good summer seminar. I also think about you.
Happy news: Michiro Hayashi got married in the first week of this month. Good luck to the happy couple.
Maybe it's a good idea that we will have a reunion (=all the participants will get together) at MSU-A before it's closed next spring.  
PS:  Some of you might be thinking why your seminar certificate has not reached you yet. Sorry for the delay. I will make sure that everybody will get hers/his early next year.

Hello to the 11 participants!

How are you doing? Hope everything is fine and enjoyable.

Do me a favor, will you? Send your reports or anything about the seminar to me by email for these pages, please. Thanks!
Takeshi (September 21, 2002)

Miki Kato sent in her report about the seminar in Japanese.
Miki's report

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